Wednesday, April 20, 2011

678 : Don't be late always at Office

Tintumon came late by 1 hour in the office

Boss : Why you are late..??

Tintumon : I had some personal work sir

Boss : Hmm..Don't be late always

Tintumon : Yes sir

In the evening Tintumon was leaving the office 1 hour earlier. Boss saw it

Boss : Why you are leaving now..??

Tintumon : I can't be late always...Sir...!!

677 : Interview Tips

Tintumon went for an Interview

Interviewer : Whether should I ask ten simple questions or one really difficult question..??

Tintumon : Ask one really difficult question

Interviewer : What comes first day or night..??

Tintumon : Day Sir

Interviewer : How..??

Tintumon : Sorry Sir, You promised me that you will not ask me a second difficult question..!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

676 : Cheguvera Vs Tintumon

Kollam; Pakshe tholpikkanavilla:- Cheguvera
Padippikkam; Pakshe jayippikanavilla:- Tintumon

Sunday, April 17, 2011

675 : Birthday Gift: Ring

Dundumol : Nale ente B'day yaaa..

Tintumon : Advance Happy B'day to you....

Dundumol : B'day ck enick enth Gifta tharunnath..?

Tintumon : Ente priyathamack enth Gifta vendathe...?

Dundumol : Hmmmm.. 'Ring'...!!!

Tintumon : Ring tharam pakshe nee Phone edukkaruth..!!

674 : What is a Skelton

Teacher : What is a skeleton..?

Tintumon : Skeleton is a person who started dieting, but forgot to stop it...!!

673 : Letter from UKG to Std I



Std: I B

Dear Dundu,

Ente sneham nee thiricharinjilla. Ente Supermante padamulla rubber, DonaldDuck water bottle: ellam potte ente ABCD naaluvara book vare njan thannille. Ennittum nee enne vittu poyi, onnaam classilek. UKG,exam ezhuthan Tintumonte jeevitham iniyum bakki.

Thakarnna hridayathode ennum ennum ninte;

Tintu chettan


Saturday, April 9, 2011

672 : Syllabus Change and GF Change

Amma : Kazhinja Semesteril nee oru penninde koode chutti nadannu..

Tintumon : Athinu

Mummy : Ippol vere Penninte koode aanallo..??

Tintumon : Ath pinne Syllabus change aayille mummy..!!

671 : Sindhu and Ganga Rivers

Teacher : Sindhu and Ganga are two major rivers of India

Students : ok

Teacher : Now tell the names two major rivers in Pakistan..?

Tintumon : Khadheeja and Aamina

670 : Successful Love Story

Aarumon : Behind every successful love story there is a Friendship

Tintumon : Oh, there is another fact also

Aarumon : Whats that..??

Tintumon : Behind every seperated friendship there is a Love Story..!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

669 : Reason Why Dhoni found form in WC Final

Tintumon : Do you know the reason why Dhoni suddenly found form in WC Final..??

Dundumon : I think its his Luck

Titumon : Not luck

Dundumon : Then

Tintumon : Poonam Pandey..!!

668 : Brian Lara and Lara Dutta

Teacher : Make a sentence in which one word is repeated 4 times
Tintumon : If Lara Dutta marries Brian Lara and she becomes Lara Lara..!!

667 : Microsoft Excel

Tintumon in computer Viva...!!!

Examiner : What is Microsoft Excel...?

Tintumon : It is a new brand of surf Excel to clean computer...!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

666 : Encyclopedia for Sale

Tintumon put a Board infront of his house

For Sale: Complete set of Encyclopedia, in very good Condition

Aarumon : Why are you selling it..?

Tintumon : Because i got married recently and my wife knows everything..!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

665 : Poem on Exam

Manam Potti Chirikunna ‘Exam’
Manam Nonthu Karayunna ‘Students’
Ira Thedi Alayunna ‘Question’
Evideyo Kidakunna ‘Answer’

Mahakavi Tintumon ( 5th Class Failed )


664 : Passion of the Christ

Dundumol : Innale kanda film engane und..?

Tintumon : Climax mosham, Babu Antony marikkum.!

Dundumol : Entha Film'nte peru..?

Tintumon : Passion of the Christ

663 : The Great Teacher

Tintumon malayalam Adyapakan aayirunnu

Oru divasam Classil DEO vannu

DEO : Kamsane konnathaaru..?

Aarumon : Njanalla Sir

Dundumon : Njanum alla Sir

DEO : Enthaa teachere ith

Teacher Tintumon : Ente classile piller anganonnum cheyyilla Sir

662 : English Result

Dundumol : Tintu, You failed in English

Tintumon : English..?

Dundumol : Yea

Tintumon : Dispossible..!!

661 : The Best Camera

Tintumon camera vangan chennappol

Tintumon : Oru Camera venam 

Shopkeeper : Ethu type aanu vendath...?

Tintumon : Ee photo okke edukkan pattuna type..!!

660 : Puliyum Tintumonum

Tintumon : Innale raathri njan moothram ozhickaan muttath irangiyappol muttath oru Puli

Dundumon : Ennittu

Tintumon : Ennittenna, njan puliyodu paranjhu; Chettan ozhicholoo ente poyi..!!

659 : Reason Why Sreesanth Played WC Final

Tintumon : Do you know why Dhoni took Sreesanth in the team for the WC Final match..?

Aarumon : I dont know, you tell

Tintumon : There should be some reason to tell even if India loose the match naaa...Thats why..!!

658 : Nuna Engane Parayaam

Teacher : Ningal oru vattam nuna paranjhaal aayussinte 5 minute kurayum

Tintumon : Chirich kondu nuna paranjhaal 5 minute koodumo Teacher..?

Teacher : illa enthe..?

Tintumon : Teacher thanne alle kazhinjha divasam paranjhath oru vattam chirickumbhol 10 minute aayusse neetti kittum ennu..!!

Teacher : .........??

657 : Nockukooli

Aarumon : Keralathil ettavum kooduthal nockukooli vaangunnath aaraa...?

Tintumon : Sreesanth..!!

656 : Drive Carefully, Great Ad

Tintumon was working in an Advertising Agency

One day his boss asked him to find a quote for 'Drive carefully'

Tintumon wrote like this

Hospital ceilings are boring to look at, Drive carefully

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